Touch and intuition.

« A subject that has been on my mind recently. I am in a new city and had to once again find someone to cut my hair. I found the perfect place, but I don’t think I will go back for one reason. Touch. I have had my hair washed so many times in salons ; sometimes wonderful, sometimes just OK. But within minutes of having this person touch my head and wash my hair, I wanted to bolt out of the chair and leave. I would have preferred nails scratching down a blackboard ! I have never had this reaction before.

It got me thinking about touch. Sometimes immediately we know we don’t want someone touching us. Their energy maybe. But it is a combination of lightening fast instincts and cognitive recognition that happen so quickly we can only respond to it, often without understanding it. And sometimes this intuition can save our life. It can even help us save the lives of others. Other times it tells you to find another salon.

And the reverse is true. On rare occasions you can meet or touch someone and the energy you share absolutely feels right. You know in an instant. It can be one sided, yet the dynamic of it is so strong that sometimes this energy is mutually shared. I consider this as real and important as the touches I avoid. And as uncommon. »  An Hopeless Romantic.

A propos schizolucide

Pétrie de paradoxes, personnalité à multiples facettes j’ai traversé une grande partie de ma vie d’une traite. En apnée. Nous sommes tous en sursis et j’ai envie de le partager avec vous au travers de mes personnages fictifs ou non qui sont parfois dans le flou le plus total…Bref nous aurons peut-être l’occasion de partager nos expériences si tu veux bien à travers ce blog.
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